AtarimtTR is developing WordPress sites, plugins and related services.

We believe that WordPress code base is providing almost all you need to develop a great web site, so we avoid using frameworks and pre-made code as much as possible in order to keep our plugins and sites clean and mean.
We also have a profound expertise in LTR/RTL (language directions) customization and implement RTL in many of our sites.

ATR Woo Global Price Options

This plugin let shop managers add global price options by category/categories to Woocommerce products. It is aimed for use by WooCommerce shops that use identical price options for all products in a category or categories e.g. photographer sites selling photos in different sizes options (But same options to all).

It eliminates the use of variable products while let the shop owner force selection of option and adjust the price accordingly.
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ATR structured sku generator for Woocommerce enables you to generate a SKU (catalog number) to product, with predefined format and length.

A button in the product edit page enables you to add a SKU (catalog number) to the product, with specified format and length. It also checks that the suggested SKU does not exist in the product list of your Woocommerce shop. At the same time you can use it to check a SKU number you enter.
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Our useful ATR structured sku generator for Woocommerce plugin features

  • Easily generate random SKU for Woocommerce products
  • Work directly from the Edit/Add product page
  • Checks behined the scenes the suggested SKU in the DB to be a unique instance
  • Let you decide if it will be inserted to the sku textbox
  • Option to select auto SKU format
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ATR Random sku for Woocommerce plugin is intended for use by Woocommerce shop administrators that manage a shop with no pre-defined catalog number for the products.

ATR Advanced Menu WordPress plugin is intended to bring a little more to the standard WordPress menu

It gives you the ability to create Mega menu directly from standard menu edit page. You can select images from media library or post featured image to decorate each menu item, add sub title and more.
Overall, ATR Advanced Menu tries to let the average site admin, customize the menu as part of his/her daily chores without having the under-hood details distract them.
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Our awesome ATR Advanced Menu plugin features
(and we keep adding…)

  • Easily create mega menu
  • Use featured images or media library for item’s icon
  • Separated selection for top level and other levels icons/media
  • Styling items with images and description
  • Apply different CSS/JS files to the menu
  • Select icon/media for each item independently
  • Select No icon/media, Featured image, image from library, image from CSS (SVG or web-font) for each item
  • Use css web-font or svg for item’s icon
  • Use An Accessible Mega Menu
  • Work with the WordPress built in menu editor (no special editor for the menu)
  • Select if you want top level icons or not
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ATR Advanced Menu wordpress plugin. Create mega menu in WordPress